Month: January 2014

Pecan Pie — And How to Make A Pie Crust

I was born in Sinop, in Northern Turkey, in Black Sea Region. That is the region where hazelnut cultivation is the highest amount in Turkey. And Turkey has the largest hazelnut production in the world. Maybe because of this, maybe just by chance, my favourite nut was always hazelnut… That was until I met pecan….!

A little survey is good for your health!

My dear follower, visitor, dear friend of “My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki” blog, Would you like to help me make the blog better? Would you like to help me develop ideas about events related to the blog, to cooking / baking? Yes? Then I have a nice little survey for you! Please follow the survey link, and participate! Your participation in the survey means a lot to me. Let’s share ideas! Here is the link: Happy baking!