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“I Listen To My Body And Eat According To Its Needs” – A 5-Hours Talk With My Dear Melis In Lauttasaari

When you are about to move to a new country, especially one that you have never been before and is quite different than your own, you feel excited yes, but you also feel slightly nervous and maybe even scared. Five years ago, when I was preparing for my new life in Finland, I had all those feelings but I feared mostly to be alone; “what if I can’t make any friends there?”. But these five years proved me wrong, I made incredible friends here. And in last week’s Wednesday morning talk, I was with one of those beautiful friends, Melis, my dear half Turkish-half Finnish friend – who would rather call herself hundred percent Turkish and hundred percent Finnish.

Two Short-haired Girls Sipping Their Coffee – Wednesday Coffee With Johanna In Katajanokka

Two weeks ago, I finally had the courage to have my hair cut really short, after gradually getting shorter and shorter. The first 2 days or so were weird, I felt strange with so short hair but I got used to it quite fast. Today I am going to write about my Wednesday morning coffee last week with a Finnish friend, a long-time short hair advocate (I think), the owner of my favourite dog in the world and another Creative Sustainability student (soon-to-graduate), Johanna.

Ainur In A Red Dress at Cafe & Eepos: A Talk About Proper Finnish Food, Subtle Tastes and Historical Comics!

Before Kallio, I lived in Töölö for so many years: on Temppelikatu, on Arkadiankatu, on Eteläinen Hesperiankatu.. And in the middle of all those streets, on Runeberginkatu, there was a cafe which I saw all the time and never took the time even to look inside. Cafe & Eeopos, “kahvisalonki”, was the little cosy corner cafe where I met Ainur this morning and had a really nice 2-hours chat.

Eat This: Spaghetti Bolognese in Mare Chiaro

  Update on 18.11.2018: This restaurant no longer exists. About 2 weeks ago on Friday I was at school when it suddenly started snowing. Everything happened so quickly, within an hour all Arabia was covered with snow and it didn’t look like it would stop anytime soon! But we had already made plans with friends and no matter how snowy it was, we went out anyway. And our choice was Mare Chiaro on Hämeentie, in Kallio – my new neighbourhood.

Drink This: Latte in Caffi

  Update on 18.11.2018: This cafe no longer exists. I am not a coffee person really. I like tea, nicely and heavily brewed tea, but I am not so keen on coffee. I drink coffee, yes, but I cannot always tell the difference between good and bad coffee. I have an espresso machine at home, but I bought it to make tiramisu any time I want.