Month: December 2013

Crescent Buns – Turkish Buns Filled with Cocoa Cake and Walnut

I’m pretty sure almost all of you have one thing (at least) you did not like at all to eat when you were a kid, but grew to like as you get older (and wiser? maybe..). In my case, there are many, as I was not a kid who was keen on eating basically anything (except for okra!). And actually, I did not particularly like this bun when I grew older either, because the one that you find in Turkey always has raisins in it, and I do not like raisins in a cake etc. (but I do like eating them just by themselves..).

Thumbrint Cookies – Covered with Toasted Almonds

There aren’t many types of food in the world that I am allergic to. Maybe eating a bit too spicy food, or a bit too much chocolate every now and then make me itchy. I do not have lactose intolerance either – that is something I did not even hear of before I came to Finland. And there is one thing that is incredibly tasty but makes me incredibly itchy: almonds!

Spinach Pastry – from Vahid’s kitchen

Iran and Turkey are two neighbours but I did not know anything about Iranian cuisine, nor much about Iranian people until I came to Finland. And I must say that while I find Iranian people very warm and easy to communicate, the Iranian cuisine equally amazes me with the taste and the effort given to make the food.