Month: April 2014

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Coconut Cream Ganache – Getting Chocolatey with Jemima

I was sitting in a cafe in Kluuvi a few months ago, on a weekday afterwork, waiting for a friend. As I was looking around to see her, a joyful, smiling girl caught my eye, she was passing by the cafe, and I immediately recognised her: Jemima! She came to my table, quickly gave me a hug saying hello to me, the “chef”, continued with “keep up the good work” and then left. I had a huge smile on my face after this quick and happy encounter.

Salmorejo – Cold Tomato Soup from Spanish cuisine by Panu

  I know this man for about 4 years in theory and for roughly 2 years in practice. And nowadays I learn something new about him all the time, which surprises me usually (in a good way). For instance, when I asked him if he would want to make a co-cooking session with me, I was surprised that he came up with Spanish cuisine – and not one, not two, but three recipes!! Apparently, he is very much into Spanish cuisine – and Spanish language.