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My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki Recipes Evening – March 15, 2014


I woke up this morning at 8. I was just staring at the ceiling, and thinking to myself, damn I have the greatest headache of all times! Hangover, hallelujah!!


There is nothing that beats a good old Sunday morning with a hangover. You are not really sure if you want to continue living or not. And your stomach is usually in an alarming situation. In those mornings I usually wish someone just shoots me in the head. This morning I had one of those hangovers as well, but then to my surprise, as soon as I got up it became quite ok. I washed the night out of my face, washed the tons of dirty dishes left from last night (with the help of my roommate Maisa of course!!), I ate a bit of pastries again left from last night, then went out on a walk by the sea in Töölö. And now I am a perfectly normal human being again, writing this post in Mbar – I could count 6 laptops so far apart from mine.


And what was going on last night? Uuuu yes, a brand new “Recipes Evening”. I have to admit that this was the one that I laughed most! Well it might be also because this was the one that I drank most. But I don’t know, there was a nice vibe in the air…




This time there were 3 cooks – Erin, Caroline and Panu, 3 tasters – Pinja, Aneta and Baris, then there was me and Maisa. The food was amazing yet again. I am so proud of my cooks every time. And I am also a bit proud of myself as well, one more time they did an amazing job without ever having the need to ask me a question.


So one by one, who cooked what? Panu baked Feta, Chives and Sour Cream Scones. I love those scones. You just do not need to eat them with anything else, they already have an extremely rich taste all by themselves. And Panu did a great job. He asked me at some point why my scones were thicker. I’ve been thinking about it since, it might have something to do with the thickness of the uncooked dough as well as the difference in both ovens. It does not affect the taste though, his scones were just as tasty.


Then Erin made a nice twist in Vahid’s spinach pastry. As the filling she used feta, mint and walnut. First of all I liked that she had her own twist, I always love it when someone takes a recipe to another and personal level. Second, well that was a damn good twist, we’ve been eating the remaining pastries happily with Maisa!


Finally, Caroline baked Bianca’s sweet pastry, little snails. So actually, this time the cooks did a lot of baking, maybe I should call them bakers? Well anyway, her sweet pastry was just the best finishing touch to an evening full of nice and very filling food. Gee, there are still some of it left of course and later today, when my stomach is really cured, I will go for one more..



Oh and yes, what did I cook? I made Turkish dumplings, manti. I have to admit that I have a bit of pain in my back and in my hands. It takes quite an effort to make the dough then to roll it all with a tiny rolling pin (well if i had my mother’s rolling pin which is a huge stick, then life would be so much easier…). But it is always worth it. That is one of my all-time favourite dishes in Turkish cuisine. And yes, of course the recipe is coming soon.



Oh and I just wanted to put the photos of lovely tulips I bought for myself here as well.. From Kmarket!! Well, nobody buys me any flowers, so I bought for myself…….


So there you go, these recipe evenings are becoming quite a lovely event.. And for the next one, I have a really interesting plan, follow me!


For the recipes of this event, check out:
Feta, Chives and Sour Cream Scones:
Vahid’s Spinach Pastry:
Melcisori – Little Snails by Bianca:

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  1. Taner says

    Merhaba, tam da benim yapmak istedigim seyi yapmissiniz. Yemek yapmak ve guzel insanlarla paylasmak! Ben de pogaca, borek, kek, kurabiye, tatli vb. yapmayi cok severim ama yaptiktan sonra hepsini kendim yemek zorunda kaliyorum.
    Tariflerinizi ilgiyle takip ediyorum. Saygilar!

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