Month: April 2016

Rustic Fig Tart – Easiest One!

Rustic fig tart.. Rustic fig tart.. Rustic – fig – tart.. If I repeat this more, maybe, just maybe, I can say it properly. Because for some reason I am unable to get my tongue around these words together, and I end up saying “rustic pig fart”. Not very appealing name for such a lovely, delicious tart, n’est-ce pas? Well anyway, here is a very easy and equally delicious tart recipe for you.

Suksesskake – Norwegian Delight

Last year, in late February, I had a short weekend trip to beautiful Oslo. It stole my heart. I wished I could move there (I still do every now and then). I also wrote about the trip’s culinary side here. One of the Norwegian delicacies I tasted was “Suksesskake” aka “Success cake” in English. This almond based cake with a silky yellow cream on top was a bit sweeter than I expected but very delicious nonetheless (as everything else I tasted there). So I put it in my list to bake by myself, and after trying several different recipes online, I made the perfect one, which tasted like that one we ate in the Oslo cafe.