Year: 2015

Gluten Free Thursday – Banana Bread With Buckwheat Flour

This is a recipe that I have been planning to do for a long time. Not necessarily this particular gluten free version though, what I mean is that I have been planning to bake banana bread with one or more slices of banana(s) on top. I shared another banana bread/cake recipe with pecans before here, with white flour and cream cheese frosting. Today’s banana bread recipe uses buckwheat flour, vegetable oil instead of butter and is lighter yet tastier! If you have problems with gluten choose this one!

Gluten Free Thursday: Puy Lentil Soup With Parsley-Mint Sauce

Christmas is here, my adventures with gluten free dishes continue, my birthday is in 2 days, I’ll be 36 and a friend that I met for the first time in person on Monday was amazed to hear my age – he thought I was 28 at most (uuuuu!). After all, I am still asked to show my ID in Alko when I buy alcohol! It’s been a tough year for me… But well, this post is about this delicious soup which makes a great pair with last week’s gluten free cornbread.

Gluten Free Thursday: Cornbread – Fresh Out Of The Oven

Today I am going to share a delicious, simple, gluten free corn bread recipe with you. The taste and texture of this bread reminds me of the corn bread that my mother and my aunt make with only 3 ingredients: roasted corn flour, water and salt. They make it in a pan on the stove and use a little bit of oil to cover the pan so that the bread does not stick. That bread goes very well especially with fried European anchovy. This bread, in this recipe, is made in the oven and has quite many ingredients than my mother’s, but it somehow tastes similar.

Let’s Get In Touch!

Apart from blogging, I do catering, organise food related events like special brunches, workshops and courses, and I design products related to food. If you have any questions, want to order something, or if you just want to say hi, send an email to, or visit my company website, Studio Oguz.  IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t promote products, I don’t allow ads and I don’t allow guest blog posts, so please do not contact me about those. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Raw Cake With Lingonberry – It’s Raw, It’s Gluten Free and It’s Vegan!

I’m not going to lie, I love baking, I love what measuring each ingredient carefully, I love learning about what happens inside the oven, the science behind baking.. That’s why I don’t think I will ever be a raw-only person. But I like trying new tastes every now and then, and this time I tried a 3-layers lingonberry raw cake, inspired by Pim Pauline’s recipe. I must say, though, making a raw cake in Finland needs a nice, large budget – there’s generally a big amount of nut varieties in raw cake recipes and they are really expensive here… (But then again, what is NOT expensive?!) And I decided to put the recipe now, as it looks, and with berries and cinnamon it tastes, like Christmas!

Christmas Pavlova Wreath – Gluten Free Thursday

I’ve been thinking for a while, what glorious dessert I can make for my series of Christmas recipes. And then I suddenly remembered seeing this kind of Pavlova Cake / Wreath a while ago, so I immediately baked it and prepared the recipe. What’s even better about it is that it is gluten free so it fits perfectly for my new “Gluten free Thursday” series – from now on, I will post gluten free recipes on Thursdays – hopefully every Thursday, but no big promises there…:)

Pfeffernüsse Cookies – Spicy, Christmassy And Hard To Pronounce!

This time of the year is very much about cinnamon, ginger, cloves.. yes, that set of spices which help make the famous gingerbread cookies and biscuits – and gingerbread man, gingerbread house, gingerbread everything. You can easily make those by buying the ready dough from the freezer section in the supermarkets, but if you want to try something from scratch, this recipe is for you.

Rosolli Salad – Colourful Finnish Salad For Christmas Table

I am writing this blog post in a very, veeeery relaxed mode at the moment. I just came home from swimming and then a hot, nice sauna! Once you start enjoying sauna, you easily get addicted to it! Anyway, after that very Finnish sauna, I had to come home and continue the blog post series about Finnish Christmas cuisine! So here is a colourful and delicious salad for your Christmas table (and of course you can also make it in other times of the year too!). If you know a different version of this salad, write about it in the comments below!

Pretzel Rolls With A Perfect Brown Crust – And My Dough Fetish

A few weeks ago, I was going through recommended photos on Instagram, and I saw these cuties: pretzel rolls. Until then, I only knew the existence of the regular pretzel sticks, and I even gave the recipe for that on this blog (check the recipe dated July 10, 2014). But these were round, puffy and absolutely beautiful. So I started looking for the recipe and found one on the website “Aashpazi”. And I immediately made them!