Month: January 2016

Gluten Free Thursday – Coconut Macaroon

I am so happy that after a bad flu attack and then a busy work schedule, I can write a new blog post now! And this one comes with a new video recipe! Yes, I have a YouTube Channel now and I already published one video there – the video for my last gluten free recipe. It will get better eventually, so please do not judge me too much for the quality of my videos!

Gluten Free Thursday – Red Quinoa Salad With Persimmon, Grapes And Spring Onions

A bad, bad flu… I am writing this blog post in bed, because I’m sick. I think it was expected, no? I mean, weather forecast being around -25C last week? I tried to avoid that and stay at home but there is a limited time you can stay at home – the girl’s gotta work. And so this week, since Monday morning, I’ve been in bed, knocked out. Added to this, David Bowie died, there was yet another big explosion in Istanbul.. Yes, I feel bad.. But let’s move on to the recipe, shall we?

Gluten Free Thursday – Raw Avocado Cake

December 26th was my birthday. I prepared this cake for my birthday – the idea was to take it to Hietaniemi Beach in Töölö (Helsinki) with a bottle of sparkling wine and eat it there with some friends. But… Of course there had to be something like a storm that day – and then came snow towards the evening, the first real snow of this winter. So it was eaten indoors. This is my destiny – unless I move somewhere in Southern Hemisphere, I will always freeze in my birthday and never have a beach celebration.

Savoury Cookies With Thyme And Red Pepper Flakes – Five O’Clock Tea Experience

In my family, five o’clock tea has always been a must during the day because we are very British. No, we are not, but isn’t five o’clock tea, which started in Britain, a very much international habit now? So yes, we love this too, and we love having a few snacks to go with our well-brewed tea. One of the most common snacks in these tea sessions is salty and savoury cookies in various shapes and tastes. These cookies are generally sold in patisseries in Turkey and you can find at least a couple of different types in each patisserie. There are also sweet versions too of course, but in this recipe I will focus only on savoury versions.