Month: March 2016

Gluten Free Thursday: Puy Lentil And Root Vegetables Salad – With Colourful Beets!

I made this salad the other day and my friend who saw its photo said that it looks like Easter, with all those colours on the plate.. I must admit, 6 years living in Finland, and I still don’t have much clue about Easter. My greatest contribution to Easter was I think putting on rabbit ears once and having my photo taken as a tribute to Easter bunny..

Cauliflower Cake – With Fresh Herbs, Turmeric And Onion

I used to be very picky with food, when I was a kid. But I was picky in a weird way: I would eat veggies like okra and eggplant, which noone in the family except me and my mum loved, but skip easier-to-like stuff like cauliflower. I think I had a prejudice against cauliflower, I don’t even remember tasting it much. This was until I lived in Paris at the age of 24 – in the middle of an expensive city where tiny little euros were not flying easily into my wallet, I learned to appreciate this vegetable thanks to its affordability. And ever since, we have a loving relationship.

Gluten Free Thursday – A Refreshing Tangerine Cake

I love making colourful food. But I don’t like colouring the food with chemicals. Don’t you think that the natural colours of ingredients are just the best thing you can find? So yes, it was the colour of this cake that attracted me, when I saw it in “The View From Great Island” blog. I followed the original recipe without any twists this time, and it is here if you want to see.