Month: February 2014

My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki Recipes Evening – February 22, 2014

  I woke up to a – yet again – shabby winter morning on Saturday morning. There was not even  a hint of Sun, the sky was covered with clouds and what’s worse, it was evident that soon was coming my arch-nemesis when it comes to weather: the rain..  However, I was not at all feeling bad. On the contrary, I was feeling quite happy and excited, because it was yet another “recipes evening” that night!

Cinnamon Rolls – More Like Psychedelic Buns!

  The very first time I ate cinnamon roll was when my friend Ufuk baked it years ago, when I was still living in Istanbul. I had heard about it but never got to eat it. And one day Ufuk came to my place with his freshly baked, sticky rolls. If I remember correctly, he was not 100% happy about them, but for me, they were just delicious.