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Tomato Soup With Orzo And Basil – My Childhood’s Obsession

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you certainly know by now what a terrible child I was when it came to food. If I were my mother, I would beat me all the time – or at least during / after each meal! I was one of the pickiest little girls (nowadays I am rather picky about other things, erm, like men!!). However, there were certain dishes that I was totally obsessed with. This soup is one of them.

Gluten Free Thursday: Puy Lentil Soup With Parsley-Mint Sauce

Christmas is here, my adventures with gluten free dishes continue, my birthday is in 2 days, I’ll be 36 and a friend that I met for the first time in person on Monday was amazed to hear my age – he thought I was 28 at most (uuuuu!). After all, I am still asked to show my ID in Alko when I buy alcohol! It’s been a tough year for me… But well, this post is about this delicious soup which makes a great pair with last week’s gluten free cornbread.