Month: June 2015

Ainur In A Red Dress at Cafe & Eepos: A Talk About Proper Finnish Food, Subtle Tastes and Historical Comics!

Before Kallio, I lived in Töölö for so many years: on Temppelikatu, on Arkadiankatu, on Eteläinen Hesperiankatu.. And in the middle of all those streets, on Runeberginkatu, there was a cafe which I saw all the time and never took the time even to look inside. Cafe & Eeopos, “kahvisalonki”, was the little cosy corner cafe where I met Ainur this morning and had a really nice 2-hours chat.

Kısır – A Salad That Everyone In Turkey Knows About!

In Turkey, mostly among women who stay home every day, it is very common to come together with neighbours during the day and eat, talk, “gossip”, spend an afternoon, which is called “gün” (Literal translation: day). Nowadays it is more like “…. günü” (meaning, “…. day”, like “gold day” or “dollar day”. In these kinds of day gatherings, the host provides food and fun, while the guests bring “gold” or “dollar” or whatever the event is named after. Pretty good way to save some money, no?

Oliebollen – The Frying Dutch!

  I love it when I taste something in one country and it reminds me of my own country, my college roommate and many memories, because even though I am in a completely different land, the taste is the same. I ate traditional Dutch donuts called “Oliebollen” a few months ago in Eindhoven, and that was what happened the moment I had my first bite: gee, this tastes exactly like “Pişi”!