Month: November 2014

Tsoureki – Greek Easter Bread / Pastry

  This bread reminds me of my childhood in Istanbul, when we did not think of anyone’s religion, ethnicity or how “different” s/he was; my childhood in Istanbul when we lived together with our neighbours of Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Turkish, Circassian, Georgian, whichever else ethnic background without questioning them and just caring about who they were, not “what” they were. The bread itself was named as “Easter Pastry” and I never really knew what Easter meant actually. Still, living in Helsinki where there is a public holiday each year for it, I forget the existence of “Easter” until the holiday comes. But I never forget the taste and smell of this bread freshly both from a bakery in Istanbul…

Eating Stockholm – A Weekend’s Culinary Trip

  I’ve been living in Helsinki for 4.5 years and I never travelled to Stockholm, which is almost next door, until recently. My good friends, Utku & Nisan – a lovely Turkish couple, who moved to Stockholm from Helsinki at the end of last summer so finally this gave me an inspiration for a weekend trip. Now I want to go again.. and again.. and again.. and also to learn Swedish..