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Gluten Free Thursday: Tomato Puree Bread Which Also Has Sun-dried Tomatoes!

I love tomatoes. Every single day I must eat tomatoes. Every morning I eat tomatoes. I ate sauce made with tomatoes. I like it in my salad, I love it with cheese, I eat it with yogurt. And it turns out, that I also love bread that is made with it! When I first saw a tomato bread recipe in a gluten free baking book I have, I said to myself that I HAD TO make it. But how? Because I like making my own changes to recipes I find. So it took me a while to find my own twists. First off, I used a pack of tomato puree with basil instead of the tomato juice in the original recipe. And I added water in the recipe instead. The reason why I did that was, firstly, to adjust the salt amount myself. Commercial tomato juices are really tasty but there is always salt added to them. But tomato puree is, well, just tomato puree. Second, I added sun-dried tomatoes – and at another time …

Gluten Free Thursday: Ssspicy Colourful Beans And Coconut Curry

A few weeks ago, I was trying to find something different to make with green beans. Everything was boring – meaning, I knew what the taste would be like. Finally, on BBC Good Food website, I saw a Sri Lankan bean curry recipe. The ingredients were all familiar but I was intrigued by the flavours. Inspired by that recipe, I decided to make my own version with my own twists.