Month: September 2015

If Your Friends Send You Baking Related Postcards, Then Call Yourself A Baker

Last Monday I came home from a business meeting late afternoon, around 16:00. I was quite hungry, tired and I just wanted to get inside and eat – when I opened the door, I saw the mail inside: a postcard! As soon as I opened it, I realised who sent it: “Hello Aslihan, thank you for baking the best cake ever for our son’s naming party….” I had baked a massive Kvaefjordkake for my friend Juuso’s little baby about a month ago, and that card was sent as a “thank you”. I loved it.

Baltic Herring Fair – Silakkamarkkinat // 4-10 October 2015 // Kauppatori, Helsinki

I ate by far the most delicious fish that I have ever eaten in this city during this fair 3 years ago! Funny, it was my first time in the fair and I could not go again because every time I wanted to go again, something else came up. But this year I am going to be there my friend, I-will-be-there: Baltic Herring Fair 2015, or Silakkamarkkinat in Finnish, or if you prefer Swedish, Strömmingsmarknad – in Kauppatori! This year’s fair will be held in 4-10 October 2015. (Photo above by Jenni Pulli, taken from Flickr).

Corn Bread – Or Should I Say “Corn Cake”?

I admit, I wanted to make another type of cornbread – the flat type that my mother makes on the frying pan, on the stove. I had a long phone conversation with her just for that but I gave up on her when she could only give me eyeball estimates for the measurements. Then I tried my aunt, she was better with measurements but she had a vital information (something my mother also emphasised): you can’t do that flat cornbread with regular corn flour, it has to be roasted flour. Well well, they were right, that flat cornbread turned out horrible.

Turkish Rice With Tomatoes – And My Fear Of Rice

I have a BIG advice to you mothers out there: never discourage your child about cooking a certain dish! Your child, whatever age s/he may be, can react to this by not even “trying” to cook that dish for years and years. Ok, she might be also looking for excuses not to cook this or that, but still, don’t do that, it’s not nice. My mother scared the shit out of me when I wanted to cook rice the first time, so I did not even attempt for many years. Until one day, she, herself, told me; “why don’t you cook rice, it’s the easiest thing in the world!”. Come again??