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Vegan Monday: Crispbread With Seeds And Vintage Merlot Sea Salt – Näkkileipä

On April 24th, 2016, I went to Helsinki Coffee Festival with my friend Helena. While Helena is utterly a coffee person, I am a tea person, however I wanted to go to the festival and check what’s going on in coffee world and taste some things. In the end I just drank a very bitter espresso and ate frrrrresh churros, and I bought a brand new cookbook in Finnish: “Kahvin Kanssa”, meaning “With Coffee”. This crispbread is an adaption of one from that book.

A Simple Snack

This time last year I was 65 kilos and I was in a big depression after a bad breakup. From July until October, I lost 15 kilos by the help of Dukan diet and right now I am lighter physically and I have a lighter depression.