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Suksesskake – Norwegian Delight

Last year, in late February, I had a short weekend trip to beautiful Oslo. It stole my heart. I wished I could move there (I still do every now and then). I also wrote about the trip’s culinary side here. One of the Norwegian delicacies I tasted was “Suksesskake” aka “Success cake” in English. This almond based cake with a silky yellow cream on top was a bit sweeter than I expected but very delicious nonetheless (as everything else I tasted there). So I put it in my list to bake by myself, and after trying several different recipes online, I made the perfect one, which tasted like that one we ate in the Oslo cafe.

Fyrstekake – Norwegian Royal Almond Goodness

Fyrstekake…frystekake..fsyrtekake… Ok. I love Norwegian cuisine, especially the sweets, but I will be happier once I can spell and pronounce them in the blink of an eye. This one means “prince cake” (Fyrste: prince) or as my Norwegian friend said, “crown cake”. And the best thing about it is that it has very rich taste coming from almond, from crust, from the extensive use of cardamom, and it is sweet but it is not overwhelming.

Finding My Way Into Norwegian Cuisine – Eat Oslo!

  The moment I received the shocking message of all times from my Canadian, I wanted to get away from Helsinki for a short weekend break. I had been planning to visit the last Scandinavian capital left for a while, so I immediately bought my ticket to Oslo and left Helsinki for a 3-days visit to the land of coziness. Three days were enough – I fell in love with the city. I am pretty sure it also has something to do with my host – The Norwegian – who was the best host ever: welcoming, helpful, funny, optimist, a bit dreamer (like me) and always having a big smile on his face, with his slanted eyes making him cuter and cuter. Until my little trip to Oslo, for about a week, I hadn’t slept, at least not without taking sleeping pills, but in Oslo, in The Norwegian’s home, I felt so comfortable and peaceful that I slept like a baby.