Month: May 2015

Mum’s Milk Pudding

  In 2007 I had a quite serious operation. The following few weeks, I could not eat normal, all I could eat was this basic, simple, old-school milk pudding that my mum cooked for me. I was eating 4-5 big bowls of it every day! I wonder if the reason was because I could not eat anything else, or because it reminded me of my childhood.

Finding My Way Into Norwegian Cuisine – Eat Oslo!

  The moment I received the shocking message of all times from my Canadian, I wanted to get away from Helsinki for a short weekend break. I had been planning to visit the last Scandinavian capital left for a while, so I immediately bought my ticket to Oslo and left Helsinki for a 3-days visit to the land of coziness. Three days were enough – I fell in love with the city. I am pretty sure it also has something to do with my host – The Norwegian – who was the best host ever: welcoming, helpful, funny, optimist, a bit dreamer (like me) and always having a big smile on his face, with his slanted eyes making him cuter and cuter. Until my little trip to Oslo, for about a week, I hadn’t slept, at least not without taking sleeping pills, but in Oslo, in The Norwegian’s home, I felt so comfortable and peaceful that I slept like a baby.