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Phyllo Asparagus Pie – Crissspy

I’m currently melting into my bed while writing this blog post. Even though the window is open and my tiny electric fan is blowing right towards me at full speed, I’m still melting. Yes, the summer is in Helsinki! And if you’re going to eat a pie right now, it should be crispy and delicious, not heavy.

Phyllo Pastry Rolls With Cheesy Filling

I absolutely love working with phyllo – and eating pastries made with phyllo – and this easy peasy recipe turned out to be another fantastic pastry feast. First of all, I made these using regular cheese, but you can replace that with dairy-free grated cheese. The butter I used was vegan anyway, and you can use that too. Phyllo sheets are vegan themselves, so in the end, you can easily make a vegan version of these pastries. The only thing you might struggle with is the pesto; however, there are many recipes online if you want to make vegan pesto. Unfortunately, I have never seen a gluten-free phyllo pastry, and I’m too lazy to try to do it by myself, so I can’t give you any clues on making this pastry gluten-free. I used phyllo sheets that I bought from the Turkish market here in Helsinki, in Itäkeskus. These sheets are not frozen, but they must be kept in the fridge. Before using them, you must leave them at room temperature for a while to …