Month: March 2014

Black Tea Cake – From My Mother’s Kitchen to Mine…

  It is just a normal afternoon – there is some tea in the kettle, soon there will be even more fresh one, my aunt and uncle might stop by, I really want to have some cake.. And so I tell my mother: mum, could you pleaaaase bake your black tea cake??? Pleeease, pretty pretty pleaaase! And so she quickly bakes the most wonderful cake in the world!

Happy birthday to My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki!

  This past year has been the year of discoveries for me. So, for the birthday of my dear blog, I decided to go through this one year and list what I discovered in this one year journey – about baking, about cooking, but most important of all, about myself. So here we go, hope I do not forget anything.. And they are not in any other, just to warn you: