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Sticky And Spicy Gingerbread – Or More Like, Gingergasm!

Do you know Hairy Bikers? Do you watch Hairy Bikers? Do you like Hairy Bikers? I LOVE them!! They are just so lovely, hairy big boys with a beautiful bromance going on for years and they make absolutely gorgeous food on BBC! I love their TV programs – their love for food is so much more than any other famous chef I’ve seen. They absolutely LOVE eating what they cook and you can see how they almost pass out sometimes!! I recently watched their new TV show called Hairy Biker’s Comfort Food and this recipe was in the first episode. As soon as I saw it, I had to make it!!!

Cake With Yeast Dough And Crème Pâtissière – Happy New Year To You All!

“German cake”. That’s what the patisseries in Turkey used to call this cake. “German cake”. That’s how we always knew this cake. But is it really a German cake? I couldn’t find any information on such a cake being “German” nor could I find its original name. The only thing that resembles this is berliner, and yet this cake is certainly not a donut and there it actually fails the resemblance for me.. However, it certainly resembles a giant semla, or laskiaispulla, without cardamom or egg wash…

Suksesskake – Norwegian Delight

Last year, in late February, I had a short weekend trip to beautiful Oslo. It stole my heart. I wished I could move there (I still do every now and then). I also wrote about the trip’s culinary side here. One of the Norwegian delicacies I tasted was “Suksesskake” aka “Success cake” in English. This almond based cake with a silky yellow cream on top was a bit sweeter than I expected but very delicious nonetheless (as everything else I tasted there). So I put it in my list to bake by myself, and after trying several different recipes online, I made the perfect one, which tasted like that one we ate in the Oslo cafe.