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Gluten-Free Thursday: Cheese-stuffed Colourful Baby Peppers

A few weeks ago, we had a lovely raki and mezze night with my boyfriend and two of my closest friends. Raki is the national drink of Turkey, and it is my favourite alcoholic beverage. But I don’t love just the taste of it; I love the whole “socialisation, eating long and drinking long with people you love” aspects of it. And of course, the mezze that comes together with it is equally important!

Black Bean Balls And Coconut Milk Rice – A Delicious Lunch

Here is an excellent lunch menu recipe for you. You can add a light salad to this if you like, and you will be ready to go! I love making bean or vegetable balls. They are some of the best lunch or dinner dishes for a vegetarian. They are filling enough themselves, but in this menu recipe, I also wanted to add one of my favourite rice pilaf dishes, the one with coconut milk. I got the inspiration from two different recipes to make these balls and rice pilaf, but I put my own twists. I used couscous with black beans because I like the texture of couscous in this kind of balls. The gluten-free alternative for couscous can be quinoa or a mixture of almond flour and breadcrumbs. Of course, all these substitutions will result in different textures and tastes themselves. I used parmesan in the black bean balls, but if you want to make it vegan, you can substitute parmesan with grated vegan cheese. I made them once this way, and they were …