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Vanilla And Black Pepper Infused Canola Oil – And Vanilla / Honey Vinaigrette

A few months ago I was watching a BBC documentary about most famous spices in the world. In the third episode, while I was watching vanilla cultivation, I had an idea: how does vanilla taste in savoury dishes? I mean, I love, many people love using vanilla in delicious cakes, cookies, desserts, but what about the other side of the coin? After a bit of research, I got inspired by a chef and started to work on this olive oil infusion.

Baghala Ghatogh – Iranian Fava Bean Stew with Rice, From Ashkan’s Kitchen

Ever since I started my co-cooking sessions, I also started to seriously enjoy Iranian cuisine thanks to my dear Iranian friends. These Iranian friends I’ve met here – they are fun, easy to communicate with and great dinner companies – and they do enjoy food! But also as a Turkish, Iranian cuisine has a familiar taste for me and I see now that it is incredibly rich.