Year: 2015

Korvapuusti – Smell The Finnish Cinnamon Rolls!

I know that I said in my previous post that I will focus more on Christmas recipes for now. But this is one recipe that I have been planning to add to the blog for a very long time! Besides, I know that a cinnamon roll is something to eat all year round, but it also perfectly fits Christmas spirit because of cinnamon! (This is my understanding of Christmas, which is still quite new for me, so forgive me if I’m wrong!)

Joulutorttu // Tähtitorttu – Finnish Pinwheel Shaped Christmas Tarts

So, November is here once again. We could not skip it again. But, November means that the year is almost over and hope for a better year is right around the corner. I want to wipe out most of 2015 from my memory! November is also the soft welcome to Christmas season – which is something that I always forgot until now. For me, Christmas did not mean anything until I moved to Finland since we do not celebrate in Turkey. That’s why I always skipped to make any plans for it and thought what to do the last minute. But not this year. This time I am prepared, already thinking of possible scenarios. The plans are also on for the blog: I will be publishing (mostly) Christmas related recipes until the end of December.

Ezogelin aka “Ezo The Bride” – Turkish Red Lentil Soup And The Journey Of My Heart With It

There are some dishes which have such big sentimental values for us that they sometimes feel heavy to cook, to eat, or even to serve for others. This soup is one of those dishes for me, and perhaps, the heaviest in my heart of all. It’s really delicious and whoever I served loved it. But for me, sometimes the memories pass beyond its great taste and turn it into something else, other than food… I hope you take the time and read the whole story..

Creamy Broccoli Soup With Pan Fried Scallops – Mix And Match

  I normally do not mix vegetables, any kind of meat, seafood etc. unless I feel that the combination will be absolutely fabulous. I don’t know why, it’s just my thing. Did I feel that this broccoli soup would be fab with scallops? Actually, no. But I was in my scallop phase those days, spending all my money on scallops (as they are sold €55 per kilo) and I wanted to try something different after roasting, frying and boiling scallops again and again for days!

Biscotti With Chocolate Chunks – Crispy Italian Almond Biscuits

A long long time ago, almost like an ancient history, I used to eat these little biscuits quite a lot because my mother loved them. But we would always buy them from the pastry shop. About a month ago, while I was going through some photos on Instagram, I saw someone posted a biscotti photo and that’s when I remembered those biscotti times. So the next day I baked them!

Crusty Bread Rolls With Walnut and Dried Cranberry – And A Little Gloomy Day

It is a cloudy autumn day in the middle of the week and I am at Johan & Nyström now, in Katajanokka. My new favourite place. My new favourite neighbourhood. One day when I have tons of money, I will move my kitchen here. I am actually having a rather down day, it might be the cloudy Helsinki or it might be because I didn’t sleep much last night. But then right before I left home to come here, I received a postcard from one of my dearest friends living in the UK and I smiled again. Hold on to your friends, always. They will take you up to the surface when you hit the bottom.

Keşkül, Turkish Almond Based Milk Pudding – And The Story Behind The Name From Ottoman Times

‘Weird enough, there are some very traditional food from Turkish cuisine that I heard all my life but never tried until I moved away from Turkey. No, that is not about feeling homesick, no not at all. I am not really feeling homesick. But sometimes my friends expect me to introduce new tastes to them, preferably from Turkish cuisine, so I try my hands on these traditional recipes that I had never tried before. This pudding, called Keşkül, is one of those. Essentially, it is a very easy and fast milk pudding with almond and coconut, generally served with coconut flakes or pistachios. Some recipes call for coconuts in the pudding itself (such as my recipe), whereas some only use it for serving on top. But here is the little story behind the name of this dish…

Raw Pecan Brownies With Avocado And Peanut Butter Frosting – The Power Of Raw

As most of you know, I am not so crazy about raw food – I am not against it but I am not also trying to eat everything raw. I actually saw the photo of these brownies on instagram one day and they looked so good that I had to try it. I googled the recipe, it is a recipe by Panaceas Pantry published on, and I wanted to do it right away. I even searched for the matching sweet dessert wine in local Alko shop. The brownies turned out incredibly delicious and sweet but looked much more different than the photo on the recipe. Mine turned out heavy avocado colour on the upper layer, but well, who cares, it was deadly delicious in any case.