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A Simple Snack

This time last year I was 65 kilos and I was in a big depression after a bad breakup. From July until October, I lost 15 kilos by the help of Dukan diet and right now I am lighter physically and I have a lighter depression.

What made me climb all the way up to 65 kilos was my terrible habit of eating junk food and snacks – chips, chocolate, candies, whatever I found.. With Dukan diet I took all those things out of my life, but especially in the beginning the diet also took all the “taste” out of my life. So, in order to give at least a little bit of taste to whatever I could eat, I started using yoghurt with every single thing. Now it is an essential item in my fridge.

But every now and then I still crave for some snacks, even in the middle of a night like this – I had a very delicious dinner that a friend cooked for me and I am actually full. So, what do I do? Just a simple mixture of:

3 table spoons of yoghurt (my favorite:Bulgarian Jogurtti)
Half a cucumber (since the cucumbers are really huge here!)
Half a package of cherry tomatoes
Cold water

1. Slice the cucumber into small pieces. I don’t peel the cucumber – but do it if you want.

2. Slice the tomatoes into smaller pieces – however small you like.

3. Add yoghurt and mix them well. Add some cold water if you think that the yoghurt is too thick. Add some salt (I like tomatoes and cucumber salty – but you don’t have to add salt..).

Voila! If I crave for some snacks, this is what I do. I really don’t need those potato chips or chocolate bars anymore! This is easy, delicious and healthy!


  1. bu ikisini yanyana görüp de çoban salatası talep etmediğim bir senaryo olmuyor olamıyor

  2. Melis says

    you could add some mint to this mixture as well… mint and yogurt are indeed very good friends:)
    another surprisingly good duo for a similar snack is to mix sweet corn and yogurt… one wouldn’t guess but it works!

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