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Mosaic Cake

Here is a recipe that will give you a nice sugar rush and which you can prepare in just a few minutes! And the amount of ingredients that I give here makes a good portion of cake so you can eat it actually for many days!

This is a cake that I have known since forever. It brings so many memories from my childhood and more.. Therefore whenever I make it now, I get so sentimental that I almost cry. I guess this is the cake that reminds me how much I miss my mother the most. And you will see that it is also one of the easiest cakes ever, you don’t even need to bake it, you just freeze it.

Hope you have a nice sugar and chocolate rush.


300 gr. Marie biscuits (i.e. 3 packages of 4-package Marie biscuits – see picture below)
2 cups of milk
2 cups of granulated sugar
1 package (200 gr.) of butter (I use Oivariini-normal salted)
100 gr cacao (actually this depends on how you like the cake to be – I like it very chocolate-like, but if you want to taste the biscuits more, then you can put less cacao)

Aluminium folio

1. In a big bowl, crack the biscuits in smaller pieces as seen in the picture. Do not make them too small – powder-like. It is best if you leave them a bit bigger. I do this cracking with my hand randomly. This is actually the part that takes the longest time, so if you have a friend that is willing to help you, give this job to him/her :)


2. Put butter in a small pan and melt it totally in medium heat. Be careful and do NOT burn it. When it gets totally liquid, take it away from heat and let it cool for a few minutes.


3. In another bowl, put sugar, milk and butter. Mix them using blender.


4. Add cacao to the mixture and mix well.


5. Pour the cacao mixture onto the biscuits. Mix them well. If it feels to liquid rather than a bit muddy texture, you can add a bit more biscuits.


6. On a piece of aluminium folio, put some of the mixture as seen in the picture below. You can decide on the size of it yourself, according to the size of your freezer. Pack it inside the folio and give it a shape using your hands – I generally give it a triangular prism shape. Put the aluminium package inside freezer. DONE!



You have to give it at least 1 hour to get hard. Take the package out of your freezer a little before you eat since it gets really hard. Then put the remaining back to the freezer before it gets really soft.

Mmm… YUMM!!

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