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Eat This: Salad with Chicken, Feta and Artichoke in Mbar


Update on 18.11.2018: This cafe / bar no longer exists (unfortunately!!).

By now you already know that I love cooking and baking in my dear kitchen. Well yes I do, but every now and then I like eating out too. So I decided to add this section to my blog and give tips about what to eat where briefly – mmm things that I like eating, places that I like eating in.

So the first one is – sort of – my neighbour: Mbar. I love taking my laptop and go to mbar with many other people who do the same thing and work there. It is also a nice place in the evenings and its terrace is one of my favourites in Helsinki.


You have several options in the menu to eat, what I will suggest is salad. You can choose two-three-four ingredients for the salad. The salad used to be served according to the weight and I really liked that way more I have to admit. Now it is according to the amount of ingredients. The portion is huge. But quite basic and normal price for Helsinki.



What I like as ingredients are chicken, artichoke and feta, with tomato and herbs salad dressing. Other options are sun dried tomato, marinated red onion, mozzarella etc, and you can also choose caesar, french and fig dressings. Together with salad, you can have beer, wine, anything but during the day I like having tea with it – the Russian Earl Grey is particularly delicious, aromatic and soothing.


Check out the website for mbar’s programme, you might want to visit the place when there is a nice DJ playing or something. If it is a warm summer evening by chance, drink some Hoegaarden for me in the terrace!



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