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Blueberry Quark Dessert – Easy Peasy


This one is really easy. And it does not require very extraordinary ingredients either.

Just when the incredible summer heat started I started thinking: what can I do to reduce the effect of southern-like weather? I come from the south, yes, but I had forgotten this kind of hot summer!


When I went to the market to look for ideas, I saw the lovely blueberries, yes, that was the solution. Just mix blueberries (or raspberries, or strawberries…) with quark, add a bit of sugar, mix it with a blender or a food processor and you’re done!




There is one secret ingredient in this one though.. Secret, because you do not see it from outside, but when you reach the bottom of the glass, there it is: a biscuit! I did it with creamy domino biscuits, you can use a different one if you like. I knew that I would leave the dessert in the fridge overnight to really cool down so I put the biscuit as a whole. Within that time the whole biscuit piece absorbed bit of the quark mixture and got softer, otherwise it would not be easy to eat it. So I suggest, if you plan to leave the dessert in the fridge for a few hours, put crumbled biscuit…


Summer should stay longer!



(serves 4, in really small glasses, so a small portion for each person. If you want bigger portion, just double the whole thing)


250 gr. quark
1 cup / 2.4 dl. blueberries (or raspberries, or strawberries etc..) and a bit of extra to decorate
3 tbsp / 45 ml. granulated white sugar
biscuits to put in the bottom of the glass (and to decorate the top of the dessert, if you like)


1. In a blender or a food processor, put quark, blueberries and sugar. Mix them until they are incorporated (you do not have to make it too smooth, the blueberries are nice to feel a bit).



2. Put a biscuit (or biscuit crumbles) at the bottom of the glass or bowl or you will serve the dessert in.



3. Put some of the blueberry / quark mixture in the glass.



4. Cover with a stretch film and put in the fridge, preferable overnight (if not, then for at least 6 hours).



5. Serve with more blueberries and biscuits!



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