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My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki is moving!


This is going to be very emotional.

My dear kitchen in Helsinki is moving on Saturday, 8 November. A long-time Töölö resident, I am moving to Kallio, a brand new neighbourhood, where I have a variety of neighbours, from a very old bakery to several.. well.. other “interesting” shops.. heh!

I started this blog in this apartment, in this kitchen. It will always have a very special place in my heart. So many cooking, eating memories, so many guests I had here. I will miss those memories for sure.

My new, tiny apartment has a beautiful kitchen. And so new memories we will have there, new guests will arrive. And of course, many, MANY new recipes will be published from that kitchen!!

Welcome, soon, to my “new” dear kitchen in Helsinki!


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I'm a food blogger / food designer and entrepreneur who finally found the meaning of life by cooking, baking and eating together.


  1. Alev Yavuzcan says

    I wish you all the best in your new flat and “kitchen”. Following with interest and proud!

  2. Hasse says

    Onnea uuteen keittiöösi, Aslihan! I guess it feels like home when you get the first baked goods in the oven and the lovely smells are spreading to your kitchen :)

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