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Sexy Chocolate Truffles With Brandy

I believe chocolate is the sexiest food on the planet.. Especially when it is melted and when you can dip your fingers in it. How about adding some Brandy to this whole chocolate madness? I assure you, the day you do that will be one of your happiest..

These truffles are so easy to make that you might end up making — and eating — them all the time. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the chocolate for refrigeration. You should then wait at least 4 hours before you start the fun part, coating them. You can also keep it overnight before coating.




When the time comes to coat them, you can be as creative as you like! Of course the nuts always work: here I used hazelnuts and almonds, but pistachio would also be great. I roasted the almonds for the greatest taste.


The most important thing for this recipe is the chocolate you will use. Do not choose anything less than 70%. It is diluted already with so much cream and butter that if you buy a lighter chocolate you will end up with a really small chocolate taste and maybe too much Brandy… You can also decrease the amount of Brandy in this recipe, I really wanted the liquor taste but if you just want a hint of it, then you can reduce it by half.




(makes about 30 truffles slightly smaller than walnut size), broken into small pieces
300 gr. dark chocolate (at least 70%)
1 1/4 cups / 300 ml heavy cream (kuohukerma in Finnish)
50 gr. butter, in room temperature
2 tbsp / 30 ml Brandy


To coat the truffles:
Hazelnut pieces
Roasted slivered almonds
Shredded coconuts
Cacao powder
And anything else you want!




1. Pour double cream in a pan, add butter.




2. Heat cream and butter on medium heat until butter melts. Do not let the cream boil.


3. Pour cream and butter mixture onto chocolate pieces and whisk until all chocolate melts and you get a smooth texture.






4. Add Brandy and mix / whisk more, until all Brandy is incorporated. Cover with plastic film and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.




5. Prepare the ingredients you will use for decoration on shallow plates. Scoop out pieces of chocolate from the bowl, using your hand shape them like balls and cover with the ready ingredients. You have to be quick, it melts quite fast in your hands. You will have to wipe your hands often so have some towel ready.



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