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Ginger Tea With Honey And Cinnamon – No More Coughing!


Nowadays I’m hearing from a lot of friends that they are sick: bronchitis, pneumonia, coughing and coughing etc.. I have a perfect homemade solution for lung-related problems like those: ginger tea.

Every year I have at least one bronchitis attack. I had that when I was a kid as often as now, then in between many years I had none. After a while, about 6 years ago, the attacks started again. And when the attack comes, it generally takes about 3 weeks (or more) and coughing your lungs out for such a long time makes your life hell.


When I had the attack 6 years for the first time after so many years, the doctor gave me tons of medicine. But none of them seemed to be working; I had the problem in the same intensity still after 2 weeks. The doctor tried another medicine, still the same.. But then, my friend’s mother told about this tea, I tried, I started drinking it 3 times a day and the result was incredible! Already within 2 days I was able to breathe better, on the third day there was a significant decrease in coughing. On the fifth day, I was totally fine!



So ever since, I recommend this tea to anyone with the same or similar problem. I hate ginger, I am not a big fan of honey, but I tolerate this tea no matter what. The addition of cinnamon gives a really good smell and taste and makes it easier to tolerate the tea. For this tea, you have to use fresh ginger, do NOT go for ground ginger!!


(I am not giving exact portions because most of it is up to your taste)
1 “mug” or “cup” of water
4-5 slices of fresh ginger (or more if you like)
minimum 1 spoon of honey (any type you like, I put chestnut honey the last time and it was so good!)
About 1/4 coffee spoon ground cinnamon (you can put more according to your taste)




1. Put the water in a pan.



2. Cut the ginger pieces and put them in the pan. Put on medium heat for 10 minutes.







3. Pour the water in the mug. Add 2-3 pieces of ginger from the pan to mug, to keep benefitting from them.





4. Add honey and cinnamon and stir well. Wait for about 2 minutes for the tea to cool down and drink it. It is good to drink this tea about 3 times a day at least. Hope you have a lovely and healthy week!





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