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If Your Friends Send You Baking Related Postcards, Then Call Yourself A Baker

Last Monday I came home from a business meeting late afternoon, around 16:00. I was quite hungry, tired and I just wanted to get inside and eat – when I opened the door, I saw the mail inside: a postcard! As soon as I opened it, I realised who sent it: “Hello Aslihan, thank you for baking the best cake ever for our son’s naming party….” I had baked a massive Kvaefjordkake for my friend Juuso’s little baby about a month ago, and that card was sent as a “thank you”. I loved it.




Today, as I was feeling quite down and sad, I went through some postcards that I have received for the past couple of years. I realised, when a friend saw a baking related postcard, s/he remembered me and sent the card to me. Or when I invited them to my birthday party, they either picked or designed themselves, a baking related card. Or maybe, if one of them visited a cafe or bakery and they could see me owning such a place, they took a postcard nearby and wrote about the cafe on it to send me. Or my roommate saw a “Keep Calm And Bake On” postcard and brought it to me, congratulating me on my master’s thesis and on being able to bake many cakes and pastries in the meantime while I was writing my thesis.


I love receiving postcards. It is such fresh air between all those bills, bills and more bills. And it is great to see that people associate me directly with baking now. I hope to receive many more cards in the future.


Don’t you just love postcards?














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