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Interview With Anna Nyman On Wild Food Foraging in Finland – Podcast Episode 15

My guest on the podcast today is Anna Nyman, a wild food foraging enthusiast who shares her knowledge on foraging through workshops, webinars and books. I met Anna when I joined her wild herb foraging walk in Mustikkamaa (Helsinki) about a month ago.

In the episode, we talked about Anna’s foraging related activities and services, foraging in Finland and Finnish cuisine, sustainable ways of foraging and the community building aspect of foraging.

The episode on Spotify:

The episode on Youtube:

The podcast link on Itunes:

You can find more about Anna’s work at the following links:

Do you like foraging? Is foraging a common activity where you live? Write your thoughts about foraging and/or our discussion in the episode below in the comments!

Have a delicious week!

(Anna’s photo is by Aino Huotari.)

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