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Interview with Roosa Heinilä and Annika Hannus on Mettä Nordic and The Nordic Diet – Podcast Episode 16

My guests on the podcast today is Roosa Heinilä and Annika Hannus, founders of Mettä Nordic brand. Roosa and Annika is introducing flavours from Finnish forest and the Nordic diet globally and in Finland through their brand.

In the episode, we talked about how and why they started the Mettä Nordic brand, its place in the local food system in Finland and how it contributes to food sustainability. We also discussed the Nordic diet, its different benefits and ingredients and the threats it’s facing due to the climate change.

The episode on Spotify:

The episode on Youtube:

The episode on Itunes:

You can find more about Mettä Nordic on:

Do you know anything about the Nordic diet? Nordic ingredients? The health benefits of the Nordic diet? Write your thoughts or questions in the comments!

Have a delicious week!

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