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Interview With Amanda Hajnal On Slow Food Helsinki and Food System in Finland – Podcast Episode 17

My guest on the podcast today is Amanda Hajnal representing Slow Food Helsinki, one of the five local chapters of Slow Food International in Finland.

Slow food is an international food movement that started as a protest in the 1980s. It eventually turned into an organisation. It is a movement that advocates for progressive ideals in the food system, such as good, clean and fair food for everyone in the world. Today, the slow food movement is involved with millions of people in over 160 countries.

While there are many good deeds that the slow food movement has done/is doing for the global food system and people, there are also many critics. Many activists, academics and others working on food have called the slow food movement an elitist one for white, middle-class people, often in the global north and west.

In this episode, Amanda and I talked about the slow food movement – what it is, its aims, and its brief history – from many aspects, including criticism. We also particularly focused on the slow food Helsinki chapter and the local food system in Finland. Contrary to how it looks, Finland is not a food secure country, and we critically discussed the problems. We also talked about how political food is viewed in Finland, the barriers for some communities to reach local produce, and communities marginalised by the food system in Finland.

The episode on Spotify:

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You can find more about Slow Food Helsinki and Slow Food International on:

Slow Food International Website:
Slow Food Helsinki Website:

What are your views on the slow food movement? Are you involved with any activities in the closest chapter to where you are? Write in the comments!

Have a delicious week!

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