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Interview With Bettina Lindfors On The New Nordic Food Manifesto And Sustainability Transitions – Episode 19

My guest on the podcast today is Bettina Lindfors, a project manager for the New Nordic Food Programme.

In this episode, Bettina and I talked about the New Nordic Food Manifesto, published in 2004 and signed by chefs from all the Nordic countries and the problems of the food system in general and Finland.

When I read the New Nordic Food Manifesto to prepare for this interview (and you can read it yourself here), it looked interesting and promising. Still, I was not entirely sure about its social and political impacts on society and the food system. Therefore, in the interview, I wanted to focus on these aspects and the manifesto’s contribution to sustainability transitions in general.

We also talked about how this manifesto has changed the food scene and the local food systems in Nordic countries since its publication 17 years ago.

There is a growing interest in non-Nordic food and restaurants in Finland, at least in Helsinki. In the interview, we also touched on this interest and what communication or collaboration can happen between this Nordic manifesto and other cuisines represented in the region.

Later in the second part of the episode, I asked Bettina a few questions about the food system’s problems, specifically in Finland. I was surprised to hear her reply to my question, “is Finland food secure?”. This question is one that I ask all the guests who would be considered relevant, and it is the first time the answer was “yes”. Since, in my opinion, Finland is not entirely food secure, it was very interesting to hear her reasoning. I’m curious what the listeners will think as well.

At the end of the episode, Bettina asked a question that will make you think about your role in tackling the food system issues. I look forward to reading your answers as a comment.

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Have you heard about the New Nordic Food Manifesto? What do you think about how the Nordic countries are tackling food sustainability issues? Write in the comments!

Have a great week!

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