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Interview With Carlos Henriques on Restaurant Nolla, Finland’s First Zero-Waste Restaurant – Episode 21

My guest on the podcast today is Carlos Henriques, one of the three founders of Restaurant Nolla, Finland’s first zero-waste restaurant.

In this episode, Carlos and I talked about the story of Nolla, where Nolla is today and what the future holds for them. We also talked about food sustainability, food waste, using local and seasonal food products and personal relationships food brings in Nolla and more broadly.

For me, this interview is fascinating because what Nolla is doing is not a project on food waste for a certain period. It is a business based on a zero-waste principle and sustainability parameters, and it is thankfully a profitable one.

As usual, at the end of the episode, Carlos has a question for you and it will challenge your behaviour regarding food waste. We look forward to reading your answers in the comments section.

The episode on Spotify:

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For readers in Finland: Have you ever been to Restaurant Nolla? Did you know about their concept beforehand?

And for readers who are not in Finland: do you know similar food businesses in where you live? Tell us!

(The photo of Nolla founders is by Nikola Tomevski.)

Have a great week!

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