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Shortbread Cookies With Cranberry And Pistachio – Hello 2018!

I am back home in Helsinki after a 2-weeks holiday in Istanbul and I am again having difficulties adjusting to my own life. It happens every time I go to see my family. I have so good time with them and otherwise miss them so much that it feels like a drag to come back. I love Helsinki, I love my life here and there is nothing much left for me to do back in Turkey, but missing my family is huge… Anyway, cookies!

Biscotti With Pistachio, Almond And Sambuca – Pistachio // Mustachio

I ate (and made) many different kinds of biscotti all my life, but there is something about this one that takes biscotti to a new, higher level for my taste. I think it is the rather simplicity of it, and the freshness brought by lemon-lime-orange zest combo and of course, the equally zestful Sambuca, Italian herb liqueur. I saw a similar recipe in Italian Food Safari on SBS a few months ago, and working on it a few times, I made my own version of it.

Gluten Free Thursday: Tahini Cookies with Honey and Sesame Seeds

Hello from Istanbul! I just came to this very hot and already too noisy city about an hour ago (and I haven’t even left the airport!). I am waiting for my connecting, domestic flight in, let me see, 8 hours! And for some reason I opted for staying in the airport. One hour in, and i’m already regretting this decision.. And I forgot my carefully selected holiday books on my dining table at home!!! Luckily, I found that one blue, beautiful Zara dress that I (thought I) lost 2 years ago – apparently it was in the quite hidden front part of my suitcase all this time and I realised this just a few minutes ago when i was trying to take something from there… Arrgh..