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Chocolate Chip Cookies With Roasted Pecans

I watched the movie “Stranger Than Fiction” last night, about a millionth time probably. I love the whole movie but the scene where Harold brings Ana Pascal “flours” gets me every time. I told to myself, if a man ever brings me a box of “flours” like him, I will break my oath of not dating anyone anymore, and I will give this person a chance. Otherwise, my heart is locked. But that’s not all about the movie from last night. While watching it, I realised that I haven’t baked cookies for a while and I decided to get back to a very basic but majestic cookie: chocolate chip cookies! And this time, there is also roasted pecans added to it.

Gluten Free Thursday – Coconut Macaroon

I am so happy that after a bad flu attack and then a busy work schedule, I can write a new blog post now! And this one comes with a new video recipe! Yes, I have a YouTube Channel now and I already published one video there – the video for my last gluten free recipe. It will get better eventually, so please do not judge me too much for the quality of my videos!

Savoury Cookies With Thyme And Red Pepper Flakes – Five O’Clock Tea Experience

In my family, five o’clock tea has always been a must during the day because we are very British. No, we are not, but isn’t five o’clock tea, which started in Britain, a very much international habit now? So yes, we love this too, and we love having a few snacks to go with our well-brewed tea. One of the most common snacks in these tea sessions is salty and savoury cookies in various shapes and tastes. These cookies are generally sold in patisseries in Turkey and you can find at least a couple of different types in each patisserie. There are also sweet versions too of course, but in this recipe I will focus only on savoury versions.

Pfeffernüsse Cookies – Spicy, Christmassy And Hard To Pronounce!

This time of the year is very much about cinnamon, ginger, cloves.. yes, that set of spices which help make the famous gingerbread cookies and biscuits – and gingerbread man, gingerbread house, gingerbread everything. You can easily make those by buying the ready dough from the freezer section in the supermarkets, but if you want to try something from scratch, this recipe is for you.

Biscotti With Chocolate Chunks – Crispy Italian Almond Biscuits

A long long time ago, almost like an ancient history, I used to eat these little biscuits quite a lot because my mother loved them. But we would always buy them from the pastry shop. About a month ago, while I was going through some photos on Instagram, I saw someone posted a biscotti photo and that’s when I remembered those biscotti times. So the next day I baked them!

Thumbrint Cookies – Covered with Toasted Almonds

There aren’t many types of food in the world that I am allergic to. Maybe eating a bit too spicy food, or a bit too much chocolate every now and then make me itchy. I do not have lactose intolerance either – that is something I did not even hear of before I came to Finland. And there is one thing that is incredibly tasty but makes me incredibly itchy: almonds!