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Brioche Buns With Cheese And Parsley – Smell The Butter

The smell of butter inside a warm and cosy bakery in the middle of winter.. It reminds me so much of my childhood. When I was a kid, I didn’t like having breakfast at home before the school. So my mother would buy me one “pogaca”, a kind of flaky pastry that is similar brioche and I would eat that as breakfast, accompanied by that lovely butter smell all around me. Later on when I was a teenager, during high school years, we would go to the bakery behind the school building every morning with my friends sharing the same school bus. The bus would leave us outside the building, so we would first go to the bakery and eat a pogaca fresh out of the oven and then go inside the building..

Börek – Rolled Filo Pastry With Spicy Potato And Onion Filling

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know what a börek was. It has always been a natural part of my life, because it is the most common thing in Turkish cuisine. There are many, and I mean many, variations, with different kinds of fillings (cheese, potato, meat..), different kinds of making (fried, baked..), different kinds of dough (filo, puff..), but in the end, all of them are called, “börek”.

Rustic Fig Tart – Easiest One!

Rustic fig tart.. Rustic fig tart.. Rustic – fig – tart.. If I repeat this more, maybe, just maybe, I can say it properly. Because for some reason I am unable to get my tongue around these words together, and I end up saying “rustic pig fart”. Not very appealing name for such a lovely, delicious tart, n’est-ce pas? Well anyway, here is a very easy and equally delicious tart recipe for you.

Pretzel Rolls With A Perfect Brown Crust – And My Dough Fetish

A few weeks ago, I was going through recommended photos on Instagram, and I saw these cuties: pretzel rolls. Until then, I only knew the existence of the regular pretzel sticks, and I even gave the recipe for that on this blog (check the recipe dated July 10, 2014). But these were round, puffy and absolutely beautiful. So I started looking for the recipe and found one on the website “Aashpazi”. And I immediately made them!

Korvapuusti – Smell The Finnish Cinnamon Rolls!

I know that I said in my previous post that I will focus more on Christmas recipes for now. But this is one recipe that I have been planning to add to the blog for a very long time! Besides, I know that a cinnamon roll is something to eat all year round, but it also perfectly fits Christmas spirit because of cinnamon! (This is my understanding of Christmas, which is still quite new for me, so forgive me if I’m wrong!)

Joulutorttu // Tähtitorttu – Finnish Pinwheel Shaped Christmas Tarts

So, November is here once again. We could not skip it again. But, November means that the year is almost over and hope for a better year is right around the corner. I want to wipe out most of 2015 from my memory! November is also the soft welcome to Christmas season – which is something that I always forgot until now. For me, Christmas did not mean anything until I moved to Finland since we do not celebrate in Turkey. That’s why I always skipped to make any plans for it and thought what to do the last minute. But not this year. This time I am prepared, already thinking of possible scenarios. The plans are also on for the blog: I will be publishing (mostly) Christmas related recipes until the end of December.

Oliebollen – The Frying Dutch!

  I love it when I taste something in one country and it reminds me of my own country, my college roommate and many memories, because even though I am in a completely different land, the taste is the same. I ate traditional Dutch donuts called “Oliebollen” a few months ago in Eindhoven, and that was what happened the moment I had my first bite: gee, this tastes exactly like “Pişi”!