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Gluten Free Thursday: Roasted Cauliflower Steak And Hot Spicy Salad

I’m thinking and I’m thinking hard, but I don’t remember eating cauliflower before 2003. That was the year that I studied design in Paris as an exchange student. No seriously, I don’t think I ate it, I don’t remember my mother cooking it or even forcing me to eat it. But then suddenly in Paris I started eating it in big amounts. Why? Because I was trying to live in Paris with a small student budget most of which went to rent and cauliflower was cheap!

Vegan Monday: Buckwheat And Roasted Chickpea Salad With Kale Chips, Greens And Lemon/Tahini Dip

Last week on Saturday I had a huge catering gig: a birthday dinner for 76 people. It was a big success and people loved the food, but I was utterly exhausted afterwards. So I spent this week giving myself time to rest and lunching out for the first couple of days. Thanks to this, I discovered a very nice little cafe in my neighbourhood and the delicious salad I ate there inspired me to make this one.

Gluten Free Thursday: Puy Lentil And Root Vegetables Salad – With Colourful Beets!

I made this salad the other day and my friend who saw its photo said that it looks like Easter, with all those colours on the plate.. I must admit, 6 years living in Finland, and I still don’t have much clue about Easter. My greatest contribution to Easter was I think putting on rabbit ears once and having my photo taken as a tribute to Easter bunny..

Raw Celeriac Salad – With Walnuts!

Celeriac. One of my favourite vegetables. When I was a kid I was one of the pickiest little brats in the whole world possibly. But I always ate the strangest things without any problem, like okra, or eggplant or celeriac. I say strange things because in my family only me and my mother would eat those vegetables, the others would always find something to hate about them. With celeriac, it was the smell. But for me, celeriac’s smell is the best part of it!

Gluten Free Thursday – Red Quinoa Salad With Persimmon, Grapes And Spring Onions

A bad, bad flu… I am writing this blog post in bed, because I’m sick. I think it was expected, no? I mean, weather forecast being around -25C last week? I tried to avoid that and stay at home but there is a limited time you can stay at home – the girl’s gotta work. And so this week, since Monday morning, I’ve been in bed, knocked out. Added to this, David Bowie died, there was yet another big explosion in Istanbul.. Yes, I feel bad.. But let’s move on to the recipe, shall we?

Rosolli Salad – Colourful Finnish Salad For Christmas Table

I am writing this blog post in a very, veeeery relaxed mode at the moment. I just came home from swimming and then a hot, nice sauna! Once you start enjoying sauna, you easily get addicted to it! Anyway, after that very Finnish sauna, I had to come home and continue the blog post series about Finnish Christmas cuisine! So here is a colourful and delicious salad for your Christmas table (and of course you can also make it in other times of the year too!). If you know a different version of this salad, write about it in the comments below!