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Tomato Soup With Orzo And Basil – My Childhood’s Obsession

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you certainly know by now what a terrible child I was when it came to food. If I were my mother, I would beat me all the time – or at least during / after each meal! I was one of the pickiest little girls (nowadays I am rather picky about other things, erm, like men!!). However, there were certain dishes that I was totally obsessed with. This soup is one of them.

Gluten Free Thursday: Puy Lentil Soup With Parsley-Mint Sauce

Christmas is here, my adventures with gluten free dishes continue, my birthday is in 2 days, I’ll be 36 and a friend that I met for the first time in person on Monday was amazed to hear my age – he thought I was 28 at most (uuuuu!). After all, I am still asked to show my ID in Alko when I buy alcohol! It’s been a tough year for me… But well, this post is about this delicious soup which makes a great pair with last week’s gluten free cornbread.

Ezogelin aka “Ezo The Bride” – Turkish Red Lentil Soup And The Journey Of My Heart With It

There are some dishes which have such big sentimental values for us that they sometimes feel heavy to cook, to eat, or even to serve for others. This soup is one of those dishes for me, and perhaps, the heaviest in my heart of all. It’s really delicious and whoever I served loved it. But for me, sometimes the memories pass beyond its great taste and turn it into something else, other than food… I hope you take the time and read the whole story..