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Gluten-Free Thursday: A Hearty Vegetable Soup And Food Sovereignty!

I’m writing this from my bed right now. It’s 22.33, and I am exhausted. Exhausted, but happy. I’ve worked for two days in a row in Oma Maa / Lassila Farm’s kitchen (check the previous post for Oma Maa) from the early hours of the day until evening. It was quite a lot of work, but it was so much fun, with a bunch of lovely folk from Oma Maa. And today’s recipe is mostly made by using their organic fresh produces from their weekly food bag that I got last week. Now, with this recipe post, I want to talk a bit about food sovereignty. Food sovereignty is a term and movement which advocates for people’s right to make their own food-related decisions and for people taking their food future in their own hands. There are many organisations, farmers, communities working on this topic, fighting hard to change food policies all around to respect this idea. In the local context of Finland, Oma Maa food cooperative is a significant example of a community of …

Green Hokkaido (Aka Kabocha) Squash Filled With Joy – And Aromatic Wheat Rice, Both Locally Produced By Oma Maa Food Co-op!

A few weeks ago, I published a podcast episode where my guest was Ruby Van Der Wekken from Oma Maa food co-op. About a week later, I visited Lassila farm in Tuusula where Oma Maa produces their products, for the first time. It was both beautiful and informative, and it was very important for me to see all that hard work happening daily in a farm. I will write more about that visit and about Oma Maa in another blog post, but for now, here is a recipe with a cute green hokkaido I got from them last Sunday! So yes, last Sunday I was with Oma Maa folks again, this time only in the big kitchen area where they make products such as different kinds of flours, grains like bulgur, falafel, pasta and so on. I went there to make a test using their beautiful carrots – a miniature amount of which I helped to harvest when I first visited the farm! And before we left, the ever-lovely Ruby told me to pick a …

Gluten Free Thursday: Ssspicy Colourful Beans And Coconut Curry

A few weeks ago, I was trying to find something different to make with green beans. Everything was boring – meaning, I knew what the taste would be like. Finally, on BBC Good Food website, I saw a Sri Lankan bean curry recipe. The ingredients were all familiar but I was intrigued by the flavours. Inspired by that recipe, I decided to make my own version with my own twists.