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Puff Pastry with Brie

I thought a lot today: what shall I cook for dinner? Shall I try something new or shall I just stay on the safe side? In the end I decided to be partially experimental. After being inspired by various recipes, I got on business.

There was still one package of puff dough left from my last dinner party, I realized that today is the day for that. This is a very easy recipe and it is not the most creative one but at least be sure that you will get something tasty.


1 package of puff dough (5 sheets – voitaikina-levyjä)
3 sausages
Cherry tomatoes
Brie Roitelet (this is a mild brie. If you are ok with something stinkier, buy a stronger one)
Pesto sauce

1. Take out five sheets of puff dough and put them on the tray, on a baking sheet. Put some pesto sauce on each sheet and spread it all over.

2. Preheat the oven to 180C.

3. Chop brie, tomatoes and sausages. I first chopped brie in rather long pieces but then I made little cubes, this was better.

4. I also chopped some mushrooms I had in the fridge and added on one of the pieces. Actually that piece was the most delicious one in the end. So do add mushroom.

5. Put all the chopped ingredients on the dough sheets. I just put them randomly as you can see in the picture but you can make all sorts of design.

6. Start baking. In my oven it took about 15 minutes to fully bake. When I took it out, I divided each sheet into 2 pieces so in the end I had 10 squares (yes, the 4 squares in this photo below are the ones without mushrooms).

That’s it! Try not to eat it when it’s too hot though.. I was so impatient to see how it tasted that I ate one piece when it was really hot and now I still cannot feel my palate much!

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  1. This one inspired me! I wanted to make it just as you did, but quite quickly decided to leave out the tomato. Unlike you, I’m an tomatophobe. Continued through the supermarket finding all other ingredients, but was left without any puff pastry… So after 3 more rounds through the supermarket looking into the freezer, cooler, fresh baked, and part-baked section, I decided to go with pita bread. I gut them open, en saved the top part for some breadcrumb purposes. Put the pesto and chopped ingredients on the pita breads, in the oven for a while, and then had a very tasty late evening meal. Wish I could add the picture here!

    • jeeee for the inspiration! it’s hard to find the puff pastry usually, for instance the other day i tried to find it in stockmann’s market and i couldn’t.. in kamppi k-market though, it is in the freezer section. but pita bread sounds like a nice option as well!

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