Year: 2013

Mosaic Cake

Here is a recipe that will give you a nice sugar rush and which you can prepare in just a few minutes! And the amount of ingredients that I give here makes a good portion of cake so you can eat it actually for many days!

Puff Pastry with Salmon and Mushrooms

As I was just learning how to properly and simply cook the Nordic fish in the oven, I decided to step up a bit further and try something bravely: what would happen if I put some salmon inside some pastry together with… mushrooms maybe? And which type of dough? which which hmm.. puff dough for sure.. Ok, I could do that.. And I could even find a friend that would be willing to taste it with me. So, I got into the business and I became intimate with salmon this time, with a very much hands-in experience!

Salty Pastry with Potato Filling

When my friends invited me to a “Good Friday” breakfast the other day, I immediately started thinking what I should make to take with me as an addition to this nice breakfast. So I was in full speed baking last night until around 1 a.m. and I ended up baking some sweet cookies and a salty pastry. In this post I will give the recipe for the salty one, the cookie is yet for another post.

Mini Cookies with Cinnamon and Walnut

There are some tastes that take you to a long way down the memory lane. The taste of this cookie is one of them for me – it reminds me of the ever mandatory afternoon tea sessions of my childhood. My mother would always make some cake or cookie – or something experimental (!) – and we would eat that with our tea. Today she still does it for her and for my father, though she should not be anymore – they are not the healthiest things to eat, not everyday at least.


Years ago, I was living in the center of Istanbul with my friend. It was a rather old part of the city, with narrow streets and local shops, plus local bars and occasional drunks. Just around the corner of our street, there was a little patisserie / bakery, named Kaçkar (the name came from Kaçkar Mountains in the Black Sea region, since the owner was originally from that region). I kind of was addicted to that shop, only for its everyday freshly baked mille-feuille cake that was sold out immediately even before noon. I have never eaten a mille-feuille more delicious that than of Kaçkar’s, not even in its country of origin, in Paris.