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Eat This: Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö (Finnish Ice Cream Brand) – Eat Local!


I have never been crazy about ice cream – when I was living in Istanbul, though, at the peak of summer heat I loved eating lemon ice cream most of the time. I actually prefer sorbet to fight against hot weather. But when my friend Malin told me about this one certain Finnish ice cream brand, I thought of nothing but trying it!!



Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö means “Three Friends’ Ice Cream” and it is a Finnish ice cream brand owned by 3 Finnish guys who found their true passion in making ice cream – meet Heikki, Ilkka and Sauli! The company was established in 2012. They make their products in small batches and they use local and fresh ingredients: they use milk and cream coming from domestic farms, berries are picked from Finnish forests or domestic berry farms.. They manufacture all their products by hand.





Right now there are 6 products: Strawberry & Vanilla (Mansikka & Vanilja), Blueberry & Cardamom (Mustikka & Kardemumma), Raspberry & White Chocolate (Vadelma & Valkosuklaa), Blackcurrant & Orange (Mustaherukka & Appelsiini), Chocolate (Suklaa) and Vanilla (Vanilja). I ate raspberry and white chocolate and I am looking forward to trying all the other ones! And what’s more, their package is simple and cute – and orange coloured!


You can find Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö in many branches of K-market, S-market, Alepa and even more. You can find the whole list in their website, where you can also find a nice little video (in Finnish). You can also like them on Facebook!


UUuuuu this is cute! Loving the local!





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