Year: 2016

Börek – Rolled Filo Pastry With Spicy Potato And Onion Filling

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know what a börek was. It has always been a natural part of my life, because it is the most common thing in Turkish cuisine. There are many, and I mean many, variations, with different kinds of fillings (cheese, potato, meat..), different kinds of making (fried, baked..), different kinds of dough (filo, puff..), but in the end, all of them are called, “börek”.

Harissa Tomato Jam – Homemade Jammin

“We’re jamming” – every time Bob Marley says that, I hear “pyjamas”. Luckily a quick google search showed me that I am not the only one. But hey, this was not what I was planning to say.. Ok, I made jam!! And it’s from my most beloved fruit, tomatoes! Yes, I call tomato a fruit because I’d like to support the scientific thinking. A tomato is technically a fruit, but the use of it in mostly savoury dishes makes it a vegetable in practice. This jam, though, is not the regular jam as you know it – this one has a very, and I mean very, spicy sauce in it called “harissa”, coming from Maghreb cuisine.

Muhammara (Well, Kind of) – Mum’s Version!

When my friend asked me last week if this was muhammara before eating it, I said no. Or kind of no. We used to call it çemen back at home. But then some people say that çemen is something else. This is not exactly muhammara either! So what is that dish?? Well, here is definition: this is a walnut / paprika spread with spices which resembles muhammara, with the recipe coming from mum! I will call it, “le spread”.

Gluten Free Thursday: Tahini Cookies with Honey and Sesame Seeds

Hello from Istanbul! I just came to this very hot and already too noisy city about an hour ago (and I haven’t even left the airport!). I am waiting for my connecting, domestic flight in, let me see, 8 hours! And for some reason I opted for staying in the airport. One hour in, and i’m already regretting this decision.. And I forgot my carefully selected holiday books on my dining table at home!!! Luckily, I found that one blue, beautiful Zara dress that I (thought I) lost 2 years ago – apparently it was in the quite hidden front part of my suitcase all this time and I realised this just a few minutes ago when i was trying to take something from there… Arrgh..

Chocolate Chip Cookies With Roasted Pecans

I watched the movie “Stranger Than Fiction” last night, about a millionth time probably. I love the whole movie but the scene where Harold brings Ana Pascal “flours” gets me every time. I told to myself, if a man ever brings me a box of “flours” like him, I will break my oath of not dating anyone anymore, and I will give this person a chance. Otherwise, my heart is locked. But that’s not all about the movie from last night. While watching it, I realised that I haven’t baked cookies for a while and I decided to get back to a very basic but majestic cookie: chocolate chip cookies! And this time, there is also roasted pecans added to it.

Rustic Fig Tart – Easiest One!

Rustic fig tart.. Rustic fig tart.. Rustic – fig – tart.. If I repeat this more, maybe, just maybe, I can say it properly. Because for some reason I am unable to get my tongue around these words together, and I end up saying “rustic pig fart”. Not very appealing name for such a lovely, delicious tart, n’est-ce pas? Well anyway, here is a very easy and equally delicious tart recipe for you.