Year: 2016

Gluten Free Thursday: Vegan Chickpea Bread / Pancake With Various Toppings

A couple of weeks ago, I had a catering order and we were trying to make the perfect menu with my client Tiina to fit all the dietary requirements, as much as possible. Perhaps you don’t know it, but I do catering for events in Helsinki and I also make my own eating events. Anyway, we had an “almost perfect” menu but there was just one gluten free baked good missing. So I worked on this recipe after watching a video of Farinata in Food Wishes blog and I served variations of this bread – after the event, Tiina said that it was one of the big hits in the menu!

Gluten Free Thursday: Pomegranate Hummus And An Open Sandwich Idea

Ever since I started doing catering and other eating events as a full-time job, I’ve been making hummus. The amount of chickpeas I’ve seen since last year has long passed the total amount I’ve seen until then. People love hummus here, and they always want to have it in their events!! So in order to keep my sanity, I started to come up with different kinds of hummus. This one is my favourite so far.