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Vegan Monday: Chocolate Hummus – Yupp, I Just Said Chocolate

Ok, confession time: When I first saw chocolate hummus somewhere – was it on Instagram maybe? – my stomach turned upside down with the idea. But I still had to try it. And I did. And I was surprised. Because I liked it!



..and so did my friends who were at the picnic about a week ago, when I first tried my hands at this sweet hummus. We kind of agreed that it tasted a bit like a cookie dough, but maybe more like cookie dough for grown-ups. But yes, it’s also a nice, healthy alternative for kids too.




When I did it that first time, I used cane syrup to sweeten the hummus. I also used less tahini. But when I did it this second time, I used grape molasses instead and doubled the amount of tahini. And I liked it much better.


The best way to enjoy this hummus is crusty white bread. Just spread some hummus on a slice and savour the moment!





Difficulty: ★☆☆ (Easy)
(serves 6-8)


Printable PDF-recipe (no photos)


1 can cooked chickpeas (net weight: 240 gr), washed and drained*
4 tbsp grape molasses**
2 tbsp tahini
4 tbsp cacao
1 ml (or 1/4 tsp) salt
cold water, optional, as much as you like to adjust the consistency


*If you have time and patience, peel the chickpeas for silky smooth texture.
**Other kinds of molasses work too. Also, dark or light cane syrup and (if you are not vegan) honey will give good taste too.



1. In a food processor, put all the ingredients except water.







2. Process the mixture as smooth as possible. Scrape the sides if needed. If you are happy with the texture of your hummus, taste it and see if molasses is enough. If you want sweeter, add 1 more tbsp of molasses.




3. If you want creamier hummus, process the mixture again, adding 1 tsp cold water at a time. Do not put too much water at once because then your hummus might get too thin. Once you are happy with the texture, consistency and taste of the hummus (add more molasses if you want sweeter), you are done! Transfer the hummus to a bowl/container and enjoy!





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