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Interview With Jenni Lares on History And Meaning Of Drinking in Finland in the 17th Century – Episode 23

My guest on the podcast today is Jenni Lares, a historian currently based at Tampere University.

Jenni and I talked about the history and meaning of drinking in Finland in the 17th century, which was her doctoral research topic.

We talked about drinking and its relationship with different aspects of life and society at that time: criminal acts, social gatherings and joyful occasions, the effect of religion and the health aspect of the drinks at the time.

We also discussed what records about drinking show us about society in general in 17th century Finland and finalized with the similarities and differences today.

At the end of the episode, Jenni asked you a question that would make you think about your habits. Write about it as a comment below, we’ll be happy to read your comments!

The episode on Spotify:

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Permanent link to Jenni’s thesis (English summary is at the end):

Have a great week!

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